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Busy Busy Busy!!!

I’ve been so busy at my new job that I’ve had very little time to dedicate to sewing.  However, I recently attempted something new at the request of a colleague.  She saw a piece I did and immediately commissioned me to

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Kathy’s Horse

For the secret Santa at the office this year I drew my friend Kathy’s name.  I was very excited as Kathy was one of the reasons I enjoyed my job.  She has a spirit about her that makes you want to be around

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Another Challenge

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law (a great supporter of my work, as well as a fellow admirer of Halloween) asked intriguing question… why there aren’t more females characters represented at this time of year?  Yes we have witches, but that’s

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All She Does is WIN!

Originally posted on Secret Blog #2:
This Friday was the opening of the Humor Me show at Annmarie Sculpture Garden down near Solomons Island in Southern Maryland. We have been looking forward to going there for months for their Annmarie After…

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Still the Master

I just ordered the new Stephen King book last night from Audible — Doctor Sleep.  For those of you who are not fans, this is the only sequel he has ever written.  It is about what happens to Danny Torrance,

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Bruce Glee

There is an interesting call for artists in Dowell, MD.  The title of the show is “Humor Me!”  I’ve just started to expand my work into conceptual pieces, so this was an exciting challenge. For inspiration, I turned to my

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