me and terryWelcome to my blog!  I started almost three  years ago, but never created an “about me” page.  I guess it’s because I feel I talk enough about myself in my blog – but every time I sign in, WordPress “yells” at me about it.  So, this is about me 🙂

I have always enjoyed the process of creation.  My husband and I lived for many years on his salary alone – raising our three kids out in the country  (although it is not in the middle of nowhere, as my parents used to say).  I got used to stretching a dollar and enjoy making things from cast-offs.  I’ve probably made my kids a dozen boy's pj quiltblankets with their old tee-shirts and pajamas.  I just can’t seem to let go of things that have sentimental value 🙂

That is what started me on the path I am now.  My thriftiness and value for the sentimental lead me to create my first piece for a much beloved neighbor.  Since I often visit her in her home and she rarely comes to mine, I had my son Tommy take a photo of her property from ours and, using fabric scraps,  created a quilting of her barn as a gift.  I gave  it to her just before Christmas, on what turned out to be her anniversary.

Trudy's house quilt

It ended up being particularly sentimental because the barn was her husband’s favorite part of their property and he was very ill at the time.  She loved it, and asked me to make one for a friend of her’s who had to downsize and move out of our area.  For me, it was like a light-bulb went off — I could re-create childhood homes for people who have had to move on.  Sentimentality and thriftiness (finally a use for all those scraps I have saved over the years!)

Initially my focus was architectural pieces.  I’ve lost track of how many homes I have recreated (I can’t even use my photo gallery to count them up because I didn’t always record my work!).  Each home was different and provided a variety of challenges for me.


Last year, inspired by a photo my sister took, I created my first art quilt.  A few months after that, I tried my hand at portraits and suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me.  Although my style has changed as I have learned my process and challenged myself, the emotions behind the work remain the same.  If I can earn a small living by being creative, and if this allows me to stay home and take care of my family, then I am happy.

Thanks for reading my “about me” page.   I’m sure “WordPress” will be happy. 🙂


6 comments on “Hello!
  1. jennifer woolford says:

    Hi, I just met you at Michaels. Your art is amazing.
    Can you tell me the cost to have a quilt made?

    • Wow – thank you Jennifer! 🙂 I have an etsy site (you can click on that on my home page – under my etsy shop) where you can place orders. Mostly I do quilted homes, but I can also turn almost any photo into a wall quilt. I charge $200 for an 11X14, $100 for a less detailed 8X10. I am so tickeled that you visited 🙂 I just can’t tell you.

      Thanks – Mary

  2. Judy Romano says:

    Mary, Help, I took your class last month. I think I may have bought the wrong stabilizer. I bought wonder under 805. What should I have gotten? Also When I get my home finished how can I show it to you? Thanks so much Love your work and class.

    • Is your piece “bunching up”? If your stabilizer is not heavy enough, it tends to do that. I generally use a craft weight stabilizer which is a little thicker. You want to stay away from the ones that are really thick (the kind crafters use to make 3D structures) – so I go for a med-heavy weight. To fix the problem you could try ironing a sheet of heat and bond on the back side of the piece after you have ironed it down as flat as it will go. Then iron the whole piece onto the heavier stabilizer. Let me know how it goes.
      As far as seeing your work, I am at St. John’s the first Wednesday of every month, too — in the school buildings teaching religious ed. Maybe we could plan for a little get together one of those nights 😉

      • Judy Romano says:

        I want to get what we used in the class, since that’s what I started with. Could you tell me again what you had that we used. It will probably take me a while. As all of us (I think) have a lot of things going at one time. I have 6 at this time, I think I’ll be at all year. Thanks Judy

    • Judy- I unfortunately don’t know what weight it was. When I get it at the store I judge by the feel of the fabric. Maybe someone else from the group could give you an exact weight.
      I know what you mean about having too many projects at once. I like to believe it’s a sign of intelligence

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