Iwo Jima Flag Raising

rosenthal's originalAs the wife of a Marine, I know to call this iconic photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal the 2nd flag raising on Iwo Jima.  The date was February 23, 1945 and the image inspired a nation, winning Mr. Rosenthal a Pulitzer Prize in Photography.  It said to be the most reproduced event in World War II.  night view

As many of you may know, this image reproduced into a bronze statue in the 1950’s and is on display in Washington D.C.  The United States Marine Corps War Memorial is a must on any visitor’s site seeing list.  When in D.C. on business, my husband often makes a point to visit the memorial and act as a docent for any tourists interested in the battles listed around the plinth.  The statue was commissioned in the early ’50’s — entirely paid for by donations from Marines and friends of Marines.  It was initially made of plaster, then dismantled and taken to Brooklyn, NY for casting in bronze.  This process took nearly three years.  Once the parts were finished, they were reassembled into a dozen pieces and trucked back to Washington, DC on a three-truck convoy.  An interesting family connection; my father’s father, who was still living in NYC at the time, saw this convoy pass.

I thought the up coming 70th anniversary was a good reason to try my own interpretation of this iconic image.  I’ve included a lot of detailed images because I love how all the differing shades of grey worked together to convey real depth in this image.

close up 2close up 5close up 1

Flag raising full quilt

Semper Fi.


I have always loved the process of transforming pieces of fabric into quilts. For years I collected scraps, just to be sure I'd have the right piece for the project at hand. Eventually, as my skills progressed, my hobby grew into art. I moved from simple quits, to 'landscape quilting' and then eventually onto portrait work. I am new to the art field and am self-taught, learning from my mistakes as well as from my successes. I create my images using only fabric and thread. I remain true to this limitation for two reasons; first, I love the challenge of finding new ways to depict ever more challenging subjects. Second, fabric work remains my true love. I enjoy the hunt for fabrics; where other artists might blend oil paints, I love finding that perfect shade or pattern for a specific need. I refer to my style as "gestalt impressionism" for one needs to take a step back from my pieces to get the whole picture. My view point changes by what is influencing me at the time. Recently I've begun to focus on the journey of the individual. I enjoy working on portraits of people whom I feel have lead interesting lives.

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One comment on “Iwo Jima Flag Raising
  1. Lisa Duff says:

    i’m looking forward to seeing this piece in person 🙂

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