I’m In!

Maho3detLast Thursday Delaplaine published the names of the artists who were invited to show at the 2013 Annual Juried Event.  Halfway down that list you can see my name “Mahoney, Poe”.  I am so excited! That meant, of course, I had to finish the Poe (just the border and some detailing).  The whole time I finished it up, I grinned.

tom and family at confirmation

Another bit of good news; my small sunflower piece which was displayed at the 10X10 Exhibit at the Carroll Arts Council sold.  I brought my parents in to see it (they were visiting for Tommy’s confirmation this weekend) and we were all impressed with the work shown.  It is a fantastic display of local artisans – metal workers, painters, glass workers, jewelers.  I am very proud to have been included in this group.  If you are local, go check it out!


I have always loved the process of transforming pieces of fabric into quilts. For years I collected scraps, just to be sure I'd have the right piece for the project at hand. Eventually, as my skills progressed, my hobby grew into art. I moved from simple quits, to 'landscape quilting' and then eventually onto portrait work. I am new to the art field and am self-taught, learning from my mistakes as well as from my successes. I create my images using only fabric and thread. I remain true to this limitation for two reasons; first, I love the challenge of finding new ways to depict ever more challenging subjects. Second, fabric work remains my true love. I enjoy the hunt for fabrics; where other artists might blend oil paints, I love finding that perfect shade or pattern for a specific need. I refer to my style as "gestalt impressionism" for one needs to take a step back from my pieces to get the whole picture. My view point changes by what is influencing me at the time. Recently I've begun to focus on the journey of the individual. I enjoy working on portraits of people whom I feel have lead interesting lives.

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4 comments on “I’m In!
  1. Judy Joyce says:

    Oh Mary, we are so proud of you! It was great to see everyone this weekend.
    Love Mom and Dad

  2. gonerustic says:

    Sadly, I’m far from living locally (Tasmania, Australia) but it’s wonderful to see a textile artist achieve her goals and dreams. Congratulations! =D

    • Thanks so much for the congratulations. 🙂
      And I see that congratulations must be offered to you on getting your work into that magazine. I am fairly new to the term “art quilt” and didn’t realize it had a large enough following for an entire magazine. How exciting for you!

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