Canadian Quilted Home Portrait (or “How My Business Went International”)

I am very excited to report that I had my first order shipped and received from my etsy site!  I have stitched many different homes for people, but most who order from me do so in person. The advantage of that situation is I can see the house for myself and take my own pictures.  There were two other times that I worked from a single photograph, but never before have I done all my communication solely by email.  It was all new and quite exciting!

 A nice lady from Ontario, Canada found me online and placed an order from me back in January of this year.  She sent me pictures of her home (which was unfortunately snow-covered until late March!) and some wonderful descriptions of her landscaping.  I started working on her piece in May by first sending her swatches of the fabric I planned to use.  She gave the go-ahead on all the colors, save one.  The fabric I picked for the shutters was a taupe, and in real life their color is closer to a pale olive-green type taupe… and I actually found a matching fabric! (can you tell that it always thrills me when I find the perfect fabric for a job?)

Anyway, it was with great faith that my Ontario friend trusted me to this job.  I worked on her house from May until the middle of June.  At her request I even added her two cute kitties to the front porch area.  One of her cats looks a lot like our Jakob (and apparently has the same appetite), so I did have one live model.

She received her piece a few days ago and seems really pleased with the work.  And I could not be happier with her satisfaction. 🙂


I have always loved the process of transforming pieces of fabric into quilts. For years I collected scraps, just to be sure I'd have the right piece for the project at hand. Eventually, as my skills progressed, my hobby grew into art. I moved from simple quits, to 'landscape quilting' and then eventually onto portrait work. I am new to the art field and am self-taught, learning from my mistakes as well as from my successes. I create my images using only fabric and thread. I remain true to this limitation for two reasons; first, I love the challenge of finding new ways to depict ever more challenging subjects. Second, fabric work remains my true love. I enjoy the hunt for fabrics; where other artists might blend oil paints, I love finding that perfect shade or pattern for a specific need. I refer to my style as "gestalt impressionism" for one needs to take a step back from my pieces to get the whole picture. My view point changes by what is influencing me at the time. Recently I've begun to focus on the journey of the individual. I enjoy working on portraits of people whom I feel have lead interesting lives.

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2 comments on “Canadian Quilted Home Portrait (or “How My Business Went International”)
  1. MaidenAuntieBoudicca says:

    AND????? What have I been telling you?????
    I am SO delighted with this news!! You must be very happy, indeed, as you should be. What a classy thing to get your customer’s opinion as the project progresses! I know I had nothing to do with developing your extraordinary talent; nevertheless I am SO Proud!!
    Love, Missy

  2. Erin Coyle says:

    This is AMAZING!!!! The detail is just breathtaking. I hope one day soon I’m in a home I love enough to have you make a quilt for ME! 🙂 Good luck in all your endeavors. You’re onto something here!

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