Dispelling Myths

My husband suggested to me that I try to post every other day about what I find myself busy doing.  However, I don’t spend everyday crafting or quilting and didn’t know what I would write about.  He said I should be honest with what I do in my days so I don’t appear all “Martha Stewart-y” when I show the work I do.  So here is one day’s synopsis…

Yesterday my wonderful husband treated his family to lunch at Volt in Historic Frederick.  This restaurant is owned by Bryan Voltaggio, Top Chef’s 6th season runner-up, and is truly fine-dining.  I was so proud of the kids, who not only behaved with the best of manners, but practically licked their plates clean (even the plates with puree red cabbage, chive pudding and sage air!)  After lunch the kids and I strolled around downtown Frederick, enjoying the revitalization the city has undergone in the past decade.  There is a wonderful bridge over the canal that has the look of stone, but is actually faux finished.  I have taken the kids there for years now and we never cease to be intrigued.

After arriving home, I spent an hour in the afternoon talking on the phone with my sister.  Then, despite being quite full from lunch, I practically polished off the remaining pieces in my box of chocolates from my father (this is a Valentine gift my dad gets all his daughters each year). 

Terry was staying in Baltimore late this Wednesday night, so I skipped on the big evening meal that I usually to do when he is home for dinner.  This day I was even lazier than usual and had the kids make breakfast for dinner (which, to be honest, we all enjoy every now and then).   My friend Carmen invited me over, so Tom (who is friends with her son) and I spent a few hours at her house drinking wine (me) and playing video games (him).

And that is how I spent my Wednesday.  Today is far more productive, but much less exciting.  I am cleaning off my back porch from all the cardboard boxes, etc. that seem to accumulate there each winter.  Then I am going to continue the work I began before the summer got too hot and close in the porch so I can have a sewing room.  I am really excited to work on this project as I desperately need the space.  But I also love the challenge of the work; fitting found windows into newly built walls, insulating the walls and floors, finding cheap but attractive panels to cover the insulation (I hate hate HATE wall-board for reasons I am not willing to discuss!)  When I finally get my sewing table in there, I will have such an inspiring view…. can’t wait!

 This is how my back porch looked when we bought the house in 1995.  I used windows Terry found on the side of the road and old siding from the attic of our barn to reform the exterior wall. 

 The deck I expanded upon in 2003 (it was a small 3X6 deck).  The current size is approximately 8X12, large enough to fit a small table and chairs, but we never really use it.  Mostly the dogs climb up on the outdoor equiptment chest stored on it and bark at the cows on the neighboring farm.  C’est la vie!


I have always loved the process of transforming pieces of fabric into quilts. For years I collected scraps, just to be sure I'd have the right piece for the project at hand. Eventually, as my skills progressed, my hobby grew into art. I moved from simple quits, to 'landscape quilting' and then eventually onto portrait work. I am new to the art field and am self-taught, learning from my mistakes as well as from my successes. I create my images using only fabric and thread. I remain true to this limitation for two reasons; first, I love the challenge of finding new ways to depict ever more challenging subjects. Second, fabric work remains my true love. I enjoy the hunt for fabrics; where other artists might blend oil paints, I love finding that perfect shade or pattern for a specific need. I refer to my style as "gestalt impressionism" for one needs to take a step back from my pieces to get the whole picture. My view point changes by what is influencing me at the time. Recently I've begun to focus on the journey of the individual. I enjoy working on portraits of people whom I feel have lead interesting lives.

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